The link between agriculture and industry

Roana Cereali is the fruit of 50 of history, characterized by passion, foresight and responsibility in pursuing the company mission: "to act as a link between the agricultural and the industrial world, applying all the technological knowledge combined with professional skills, in order to to identify cutting-edge solutions and guarantee to the final consumer highly selected, safe, traceable and sustainable products, maintaining the organoleptic and biological properties contained in the finished or semi-finished products ".

Today the Roana Cereali company is engaged in a new project that aims to diversify the offer and promote a new business, aimed at the cultivation of Paulownia wood. Being part of this project means safeguarding the environment, contributing to the reduction of the planet's CO2 levels, limiting hydrogeological instability and deforestation but, at the same time, creating a short chain that achieves a rapid growth of plantations that produce in times short valuable material with which to supply the wood industries.


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